A Teacher Is a Beacon for His Students

My reasons for becoming a teacher is to make a difference in every child’s life. To be a beacon of learning possibilities for my students therefore, implementing everything I’ve learned within the pursuit of obtaining my degree in education. I believe teaching, as a profession, is important because teachers holds many positions. My passion is to educate through caring and inspiration. I want to be the bridge from academic problems to solutions for the many children I will encounter. I love working and being around children and seeing them attain a goal! I believe that every person has value and is born with something that only he or she can offer the world. It’s fun to be with kids and watch them discover what their gifts are. I love that they are growing and trying to make sense of their world. As well as to help a student become more responsible and understand the importance of an education!

To help children of all backgrounds and give them equal educational opportunities while they are trying to reach their full potential. Watching success stories for those who have struggled along the way and now succeeding at life. I like being in a position to provide mentorship. I want to leave my mark in the field of education knowing I gave each child all that I had to offer to set them up for success in their future endeavors. Being part of a team of educators and staff who have the same or similar goals will help our nation grow and learn. My goal is to make a positive difference in others that will lead to them making a positive difference in the world.

Personal characteristics that make me an effective teacher is being a listener instead of being opinionated. Doing what is best for my students, teaching with enthusiasm, creativity, and taking the extra mile makes me an effective teacher. On a daily basis as a behavior assistant teacher I see children who simply want time, attention, and someone to tell them all the reasons why they can accomplish any goal they set. I’ve been their mom, counselor, mentor, and teacher away from home. My students may not always agree with me but they respect me and I respect them however, this leads to coming back thanking me for pushing them and being a positive role model in their lives.

By finishing my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education is one reason why I will stay current in education. Then, becoming a certified teacher and beginning my teaching career. Also, by attending professional development, conferences concerning education, and ways to become a better teacher. However, doing CEU courses and shadowing other teachers, while not being scared to ask questions in areas I need to improve. My ultimate goal so I can stay current in education is to get my masters and specialist to become a principal one day. I would like to be viewed more than a teacher who writes on a board, but one who encourages, influences, and help students succeed at anything they put their mind too. Teachers are the back bones to so many successful people, even when we do not get enough credit for what we do. However, teachers teach with passion not for recognition or pay checks. Staying dedicated and remembering why I started teaching and the impact I will have on a child/children’s lives will main my passion about teaching.

My educational philosophy that I currently live by is that every student can learn on his or her own level. We have to meet them where they are not just pass them alone. I am personally looking forward to teaching and knowing that I will make a change in some child’s life. I believe in education and that it holds a big part of life. Furthermost, many things in life can be taken from you; but not the education or diploma/degree one receives. As a teacher I would like to see my students excel in all subjects and get a proper education.

For I know teaching is not a job but a career that one has to enjoy doing. When it comes to my students I want to look over imperfection and see the full abilities of each student I come across. Teaching is my choice because we never know who we will help along the way, just one yes or you can do it can change a child’s aspect on learning. I hope to be a pusher, positive influencer, and that the lessons I teach leave a mark in one’s heart to believe that dreams do come true. With that in mind, I know I can not save every student but to the best of my ability I will do all I can to reach a child to make sure my teaching does not go in vain.

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