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May 01, 2023


Answer 1

According to the article, I think Bunnings have provided the best retail experience during the time of the pandemic. They have completely changed their way of operating by stepping into the e-commerce platform (Kremez et al., 2019). The goods are directly being provided into the car’s booting space immediately after the order has been made. This helped in providing a contactless delivery which was the major concern during the time of the pandemic, which the other organizations have not been able to fulfil properly. The car bays have been made available with proper sanitation facilities. Thus, the new model adopted by Bunning has been very attractive to the customers because, during the time of the pandemic, almost all the operations were being conducted digitally.

Answer 2

During the time of the pandemic, it was necessary to extract perfect responses and feedbacks from the end customers regarding the changes in technology made in the Bunnings (Sathyanarayana, Shukla and Taghikhah, 2020). Thus, it would be necessary to collect responses from the individuals by primary research and questionnaires. The following questions can be pout forwarded to the customers for generating feedbacks:

  • How has been the overall experience in availing goods and services through the digital platform?
  • How have been the service facilities provided to the customers?
  • Are there any changes that are required to be made to make a user-friendly interface?
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