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May 02, 2023



In England, it is evident that around 676,000 persons are suffering from dementia and talking about the whole UK then it is estimated that approximately 850,000 plus people are having dementia. The studies have revealed that dementia mainly tends to affect older people and the likelihood of developing this disease in people doubles after every 5 years after the age of 65. The research is being conducted to examine the most used person-centred approaches to study its effect on the people suffering from dementia in the UK.


Dementia is known to be the standard syndrome that is often associated with an ongoing decline in the functioning of the brain. Dementia affects people to a great extent especially older people and people with dementia can lose interest in their regular activities and also suffer from problems managing their emotions or behaviour. Hence, it is essential to deliver patients with proper and effective care which can include person-centred approaches. A person-centred approach is known to be related to involving patients of dementia with other people which helps in constructing and upholding the relations and also delivers a helping and harmless environment along with a greater level of self-respect. This eventually helps patients in building a trustworthy relationship and makes them feel valued and respected.

Aims And Objectives

The study aims at examining the most suitable person-centred approaches which can be used to care for a patient suffering from dementia in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the research will evaluate the impact of dementia on the patient and the carer. Moreover, it will analyse various pieces of literature following the person-centred approaches for the effective treatment of people with dementia in the UK. Objectives which are set by the researcher are:

  1. To look for the person-centred approaches to care for people suffering from dementia in the UK.
  2. To critically analyse and evaluate the impact of the disease, that is dementia on the patient and carer as well.

Research Question

What are the different types of person-centred approaches that can be used towards caring for people suffering from dementia in the UK?


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