ACC7032 Managerial Finance Assignment.

Learning outcome 1: Evaluate the different competing financial objectives of the firm and the agency problem between shareholders and managers in publicly listed companies.

Learning outcome 2: Demonstrate the ability to analyse financial data, conduct cost-benefit analysis and financial planning for effective business decisions using spreadsheet software package.

Learning outcome 3: Critically evaluate investment projects using appropriate investment appraisal techniques to assess suitability and viability of the projects consistent with the overall strategy and business model(s) of the firm.

Learning outcome 4: Critically appraise the major issues of capital management, relative advantages and disadvantages from the various perspectives of the stakeholders of the firm.


1. Write a 500 word critical personal reflection on why you did not pass this assessment first time and what you have had to do to ensure that you pass this resit;

Question 1

Prepare a business report, 6 pages long (+/- 10%), to the board of directorsof Sainsburys Plc with tables and graphs that analyse the performance and financial position over at least 5 financial years and recommend actionsthat the board should take.

Utilise search data about the subject company and its competitor(s) from university databases (FAME, MINTEL) examined during seminars as well as the company financial reports and a range of other sources that you are to find for yourself.

Organise the ratios into the 4 categories (Profitability, Liquidity, Efficiency, and Gearing) and calculate horizontal and vertical analysis.

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