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Mar 31, 2023

Module :- Introduction to Web and Database Concepts
Module code :- ACCA4023
Contribution to Over all Module Assessment (%):-  50%
Word count (or equivalent):- Typically 2000 – 2500 words
Module Learning Outcomes (from module syllabus)
• Demonstrate a systematic under standing and application of the fundamental
concepts technologies and standards required for building and rendering web pages.
ACCA4023 Introduction To Web And Database Concepts Assignment


In order to demonstrate your under standing of the standards concepts principles and practice required in the implementation of websites you are required to complete the tasks outlined below.

Task 1: Design and hand-code a website using web standards

1.Design and hand-code a responsive website that is made up a reasonable number of relevant and related pages using web standards.

You can code it in raw HTML/CSS from scratch, or you can base it around a frame work such as CSS Grid or Bootstrap etc.

How ever you must demonstrate your own design and customisation. You must not use a design package such as Dream weaver that generates the code for you.

Possible examples of websites include a site:
• for an organisation of your choice (which may or may not be fictitious in nature)
• to promote a personal interest or hobby, a favourite band, a town/city, etc.

2.Create a single compressed .zip file containing your completed Website files and upload to the specific upload link provided on Moodle. Your website should be viewable ‘stand alone on any PC simply by the user clicking the initial index.html file and should not rely on any development environment such as visual studio being installed.

Task 2: Report
You are also required to produce a specification report containing relevant
documentation describing your research and web development work.

This should be a single Word document file following the typical assignment report format with the following sections:

1. Title Page
• Containing your name, student number, course and the module name and the date
2. Table of Contents:
• Outlining all other sections making up the report
3. Introduction section
• An abstract: a short summary description of the contents of the report
4. Requirements section:
• A brief introduction to the website describing its purpose subject matter and the
intended target audience.
5. ‘Implementation’ section:

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