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May 27, 2023
  1. Utilize scholarly sources, including at least one peer-reviewed academic reference, to showcase proficiency in evaluating, applying, and integrating key concepts within the assignment.

  2. Synthesize and validate the information gleaned from sources to substantiate the major points presented.

  3. Assignment Details: Access to healthcare seems to fluctuate as a variable metric influenced by numerous factors, including geographical locations and insurance coverage. As a leader in the healthcare sector, it is crucial to establish a comprehensive definition of access.

Tasks: Define access in a manner applicable throughout the U.S. healthcare system. Ensure to: Examine access from the perspective of the general public. Analyze access from the standpoint of both public and private insurance entities. Identify a minimum of five variables influencing access to healthcare. Propose strategies to mitigate the impact of the identified variables, along with methods to assess progress over time.

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