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May 25, 2023

Research Question is : According to the Egyptian food bank, how do their interventions impact
the nutrition and well-being of their clients and beneficiaries.
Sub questions that should be answered:
-How much of families calorific needs are covered by food bank
-How does food bank target beneficiaries
What are the food bank stated goals and objectives?
-Strategic plans/



What are the barriers or challenges that they face ?
-how do they overcome
-What are the actual needs of their clients?

-Social Development: Issues and Approaches by Maia Green
“Hayah Karima” (Decent Life) Project for Social Reform, Dr. Howaida
-“Participating in Development” by Rosemary McGee
-You need to read about food, food security, food sovereignty
I suggest you look at an article by Sakr el Nour on Food sovereignty in
Egypt, to read thesis on food subsidies in Egypt. To look at the work of
Mare Vannetzel and to research the food bank itself

What will be
the data?
-Numbers, opinions of the beneficiaries, and literature. I will address the
question by using evidence of their work in the year 2022. And interviews at
Food bank

– You will use the interviews and data to assess the gap between what the
bank does and what they see as the food security needs of the food insecure


in Egypt. You will use the concept of food insecurity to place the work of
the bank in the context of development needs of Egypt

In the extended guilde you will see my answers to the professor and the underlined parts are her feedback and remarks. I mentioned that I will interview two of the project’s benificiers and 1 person from the Egyptian Food bank, these interviews should be faked.

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