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Jul 11, 2023

According to the (World Health Organisation WHO 2022), mental health is a state of well-being in which individuals can reach their potential and can cope with the everyday stress of life, work productively and fruitfully and make a contribution to their community. Prior to undertaking this module my knowledge on mental wellbeing was somewhat limited. I realize that I had actually performed some of these tasks without knowing they were related to mental well-being.

I have learned how the different models of mental health have changed over the years due to advances in knowledge and evidence-based research about mental health and mental well-being. This will increase my confidence in future placements, giving me a better understanding and knowledge of how to assess a patient and how to relate it to
mental well-being.

I will use Gibb’s reflective cycle to guide me in this assignment. Gibb’s reflective cycle, developed by Graham Gibbs in 1988 to give nurses and students a structure
to learn from experiences; there are six stages. Stage one includes a description of what happened; second stage feelings and thoughts; third stage evaluation; fourth stage analysis; fifth stage is the conclusion: and sixth stage is the action plan.

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