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Apr 27, 2023
  1. Assessment Brief

    Please read the whole assessment brief before starting work on the Assessment Task.


    The Assessment Task

    This assessment aims at providing a vehicle for relating the learning outcomes of this module to the professional world of the students, drawing on and consolidating the material in the module. The project develops as students acquire additional information.



    This is a course-long project, assigned early in the course. I have found that the results are far more comprehensive and balanced if the project is worked in parallel to the course work.

    Should a student have insufficient accounting experience or should a student want to avoid talking about the organisation he is part of or employed by. The student should choose either a quoted company, a private company, a government enterprise, or a not-for-profit organisation in his/her home country to focus on for his project.

    Students are encouraged to use the Microsoft whiteboard/ Padlet to exchange ideas and experiences about their chosen organisation`s accounting issues and challenges.



    1. Provide and critically discuss the overview of your chosen organisation

    The answer must include an overview of the:

    - Organisation business, activities, location, size, markets and customers, number of employees, organisation structure, divisions, subsidiary companies etc.

    - Governance systems, type of enterprise, governing body structure and size, members, board committees, and board information. As well as the governance processes adopted within the firm—how the board interacts with top management.

    - External auditors of the firm, the rotation of auditors for the firm, any identified fraud

    - The organisation`s corporate social activities: environmental, social, community, and employee adopted by the firm. (Lo d)

    1. a). Critically identify and justify the accounting challenges and issues your chosen organisation faces in terms of governance, corporate social responsibility and ethical issues.

    b). Assess your organisation`s position and propose solutions for the business`s long-term sustainability in line with findings from the literature review. (Lo a)

    1. Assess the changes in accounting regulation in your home country, and critically analyse the implications for adopting this change by your chosen organisation.

    (Lo b)

    1. Critically analyse the challenges faced by accounting professionals in business leadership in your country and assess if any of these challenges apply to your chosen organisation. Critically discuss possible solutions to overcome these challenges based on the literature review. (Lo c)

    Note: all answers for Questions 2-4 must be supported with evidence from the literature review.

    Critical Reflection

    Complete a reflection section (300 words).

    - Reflect on what you have learned by taking part in this module and applying the acquired knowledge in the context of the world of work. Also, reflect on how this module helped you to develop your interpersonal skills. Support your answers by identifying the challenges you faced and the solutions you have adopted to overcome these difficulties. (Lo e)


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