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May 25, 2023
      • (11 minutes – in Spanish, with English subtitles)
        This video recounts the activities of women activists in rural Bolivia who are proposing a vision of community wellbeing that they argue is best suited for the peoples of this region. In part, their activities involve opposing a hydroelectric power dam that has been proposed for the locality, and advocating for a range of livelihood activities that they say better fit local values and culture.
        Your task is to write a response to this video from each of these three perspectives that we have covered in this course; i.e., (1) neo-institutionalist, (2) critical modernist, and (3) post-development.
        To do so, you will need to pay close attention to the key arguments, the underlying assumptions, and the practical recommendations for community improvement made by participants in the video. Make sure when watching the video to make clear notes on the arguments and ideas that the featured women put forward.
        From each perspective in turn, please address the following:
        What (if anything) would the perspective find commendable about the positions put forward by the women in the video and why?
        What (if anything) would the perspective find problematic, under-represented or missing in the video and why is this important?
        Complete each perspective in turn: i.e., first do neo-institutionalism; then critical modernism; and finally post-development. Clearly number each answer 1, 2 and 3.
        Each answer should be no more than 350 words per perspective (i.e., 1050 words total for your submission). A list of references can be extra to this total. Please provide a word total.
        Make sure to explain not just what each perspective would agree or disagree with, but why it would do so.
        You do not need to spend equal words on each part of the answer. For example, if a perspective would have more positive than negative things to say, then spend more words on those positive aspects.
        You do not have to do further research on the issue. We are expecting you to interpret the video from each perspective based on the materials we have covered in class. That includes all relevant materials within the interactive lessons so far, including text, course readings, videos, and linked websites. You should actively draw on those materials to reinforce and substantiate your paper.
        For references, any standard citation format is acceptable. References do not need to be counted in the word total. If you want to cite the interactive lessons, then simply use ‘Interactive Lesson Week X, Section Y’ to point us to the part you are drawing from.
        ***Please use the attached pdfs as well for references.


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