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Jun 05, 2023

Adam has become remote from his friends and does not communicate with his parents. and spends long periods of time alone In his room. Adam’s parents report goat he is missing meals, preferring to take food from the fridge and eat alone In his room during the night, and that he no longer pays attention to his grooming or personal hygiene, which Is very out of character.

They also tell you that Adam does not open his curtains during the day, and has told his parents that he thinks the neighbours are conspiring against him, Adam has also mentioned that he feels the neighbours are monitorIng all lo… Leo may have planted a transmitter In his mobile phone, and many men have bugged his pre.

house. Adam has verbally threatened one of the neighbours, accusing her of madly filming him leaving his parent’s house. Adam is expressing the belief that his ex-girlfriend may be behind these events. Adam’s parents are extremely concealed about their son and have persuaded him to contact mental health services.

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