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For the final project, you are asked to develop an eight to 12-minute video where you demonstrate how you would apply two of the following concepts from the field of Motor Learning to the teaching of the following topics:

Feedback for a specific skill

  • Knowledge of Results
  • Knowledge of Performance
  • Proprioception

Freezing the degrees of freedom - take one skill and show us how you would teach it to a novice. Show which joints are frozen and why and then the order of release.

General Motor Program - choose one GMP and show it in action during two different motor skills. How do the following parameters change:

  • Muscles used (will be very similar)
  • Order of activation of muscles and de-activation
  • Force of muscle contraction
  • Duration of muscle contraction

Practice session for:

  • Specific population
  • Specific motor skill
  • Transfer

Information Processing:

Skill display and filter issues

Short-term memory processes

Long-term memory and retrieval


  • Key internal reinforcers
  • Key external reinforcers
  • Advantages vs disadvantages of negative reinforcement and punishment

Your video must include an introduction to your skill choice and main teaching objectives.

Demonstration of how you apply the Motor Learning concepts

Take note of the environment in which you video for appropriate background, sound, and lighting

FYI, the cell phones you all now have are likely well suited for quality video

In summary, please practice your delivery, clear articulation, voice volume and eye contact are key features in which you must use in your own professional preparation and work settings

Along with the video, you must submit a five-page executive summary of your presentation, with at least six scholarly APA references and documentation. The reference page is in addition to the five-page executive summary.

You may use Kaltura which is embedded in our course. Kaltura guides are attached, however, you may use another method, but make certain that we can upload and open it!

I encourage you to use Youtube. This format is more robust and has no issues with file size.

For assistance with creating a Youtube video, I have attached the following instructional video link. This link will take you through the process of completing a Youtube video.

How to Make a Youtube Channel

Instructions: Your submission must be attached here as a WORD document. All references and citations must be in APA format. Include a title page and a reference page with your submission.

The video must be uploaded to the assignments.

The length of the executive summary assignment should be 5 pages plus title and reference page.

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