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May 02, 2023


Air India Express Flight Ix-812 Accident

Narrative Of The Accident

The Flight Ix- 812 from Dubai to Mangalore had uneventful flight till arrival at Mangalore, where it crashed during the landing on 22nd may 2010. The Air India Express Boeing 737-800 aircraft VT-AXV, was operated by Captain Glusica and H S Ahluwalia as the first Officer along other 4 cabinet crews. The aircraft had on board 160 passengers which included infants. The aircraft entered the Mangalore Air Control area at  05:46:34 hours IST (THE COURT et al., 2016). The aircraft commenced descent at 77 DME from Mangalore. As the aircraft approached landing at an altitude of 2500ft, and the landing checklist completed, the first Officer alerted thee Captain that the altitude was too high. A series of events resulted in the aircraft being unstabilized (THE COURT et al., 2016). The first officer called on the Captain to abort the landing and Go around  to have the aircraft stabilize before the landing, a call that the captain declined and continued to land the aircraft. The forced Landing of the aircraft by the Captain despite advise to go around by the first officer eventually resulted in the aircraft crashing at a gorge  beyond the runway at Mangalore.

While  the first officer saw the need to Go Around for proper landing to be achieved, He could not take any action as the protocol and procedures set by the Air India Express only allowed takeoff and landing to be operated by the Pilot In Command.

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