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Jan 12, 2022

For this assessment criterion, you should be able to demonstrate your ability as a leader by task encouraging contributions from team members using their specific expertise. Applying an autocratic leadership style without allowing for input will lead people to feel resentful and unable to trust in the decisions made which ultimately damages morale on teams; instead, it is important that every person feels welcome with opportunities given throughout different situations so they may use those skills most effectively.

To demonstrate leadership skills, you should be able to encourage team members contributions and be able to motivate them to work together. When using an autocratic leadership style, you should ensure that people feel welcome and have the opportunity to use their skills.

Colleagues should be allowed to make appropriate contributions. This means that they should feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions, even if the opinion differs from your own. It also means giving them the opportunity to provide alternative solutions or approaches where possible so that we can explore all of our options for a given problem or issue.

In order for this kind of partnership-style working environment to thrive, there are some key things youll need in place:

  1. Clear guidelines about who has decision-making authority
  2. Regular meetings
  3. Open communication
  4. Shared leadership

A good understanding among all parties involved of what is expected of them both individually and collectively as colleagues working together on a project whether its within an individuals specialty area or across the organization as a whole.

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