Allows Students To Produce Work On A Topic Of The Student’s Choice Or As Issued By The Lecturer: Quality Systems And Regulatory Affairs Essay, GCD, Ireland

Purpose: allows students to produce work on a topic of the student’s choice or as issued by the lecturer.

It requires students to show the following:

  • evidence of professional approach to independent research.
  • a conceptual understanding of the topic chosen and its relation to the academic content of the biopharmaceutical masters degree programme.
  • the ability to evaluate and interpret evidence.
  • the capacity to demonstrate clarity in argument and expression.
  • to show competence in scholarly and bibliographical skills.

Length: The required length is approx. 4,000 words (minimum 4000 words & maximum 6000 words). Every effort should be made to summarise the main research and findings into the recommended number of words.

Scope: What is acceptable?:

  • Literature review: (e.g. analytical essay)
  • e.g. compare & contrast, evaluate, assess, analyse, review justify etc.
  • Company based project: May be based on a project assignment relating to a body of work for the students company etc.

Initial Preparation:

  • Agree a topic with your module supervisor. Normally, the lecturer will provide a list of appropriate topics and students will select from this list. The number assigned to each topic may be limited. Students may provide a title of their own but this must be pre-approved by the lecturer.
  • Carry out some background reading and research on the topic.
  • Narrow your topic down to an achievable research objective in the timeframe available :
  • not too broad nor too narrow.
  • researchable (access to information, timeframe, expertise, skills, equipment etc).

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