Analyse and prepare a financial strategy for your plan taking into account the business risks you may encounter

Business Plan and Analysis

Assignment task: The Summative Assessment will be on a Micro business idea and converting this into a viable business plan. The rationale for this assignment is the securing of funding for the business micro business idea from a potential investor. You will need to make recommendations on how to achieve funding, and do so based on demonstrating understanding, analysis and evaluation of the key elements involved in the business plan.

Learning outcome 1: Evaluate a business idea and prepare a business strategy and competitive analysis for your business
Learning outcome 2: Analyse and prepare a financial strategy for your plan taking into account the business risks you may encounter.
Learning outcome 3: Critically review your business plan in the role of a potential investor.
Learning outcome 4: Propose recommendations that would strengthen your business plan to achieve the future outcomes.

Task requirements

Assignment Brief:

Question 1: Your main task is to develop a business plan(word document) in preparation to secure funding from an investor. Your business plan will be based on your micro business idea, offering products or services in existing or potential new markets. Your business plan will consist of a company overview, competitive and market analysis, business and marketing strategy, operating plan, and financial analysis, (1700 words)

Question 2: Along with completing your business plan, you will prepare a ten-minute presentation (five PowerPoint slides max) to pitch your idea in front of a potential investor. You will try to secure funding for your micro business idea. The investor will critically analyse your micro business idea, looking at the actual business idea, business strategy, competitor analysis, key projected financials and how much investment is required and for what purpose. After your completed presentation, your five PowerPoint slides will then be attached in your business plan,within the Appendix section, (500 words).

Question 3 After your presentation pitch, you will receive feedback from the investor regarding your business idea and how to improve your business plan. Based on the feedback, you will be required, within your business plan, to make recommendations that set out how you will improve your business idea in order to secure funding.(300 words).

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