Analyse The Performance Of Global Supply Chains Using Appropriate Analytical Techniques: Global Logistic & Supply Chain Management Assignment, Ireland

Learning Outcomes

1. Analyse the performance of global supply chains using appropriate analytical techniques

2. Evaluate different methods of international payment and compare elements of international trade

Assignment Brief

  For the purpose of this individual assignment, you are required to create one poster presentation selected one global supply chain, from car manufacturing / pharmaceutical or FMCG.


Discuss the opportunity of a practical approach to global governance and whether it has

an effective analytical technique that uses for analyzing their performance in a global supply chain.

You are required to cover below Key areas in your assignment:

  • The practical approach to Global governance and the international Trade and payment methods.
  • Discuss the appropriate analytical techniques that we can use for analysing multiple performance measurement related global supply chain
  • You are required to present your poster in a 10 -minute individual presentation

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