Analyze the financial position of a publicly-traded corporation.

Financial Analysis – Course Project Analyze the financial position of a publicly-traded corporation. The purpose of this project is to assist you in developing the necessary skills to research, analyze, and interpret financial statement information. You have been developing these skills through our class activities, designed to develop your conceptual understanding of the finances of a public corporation. The final product of your studies is this financial analysis of a public corporation. Go to EDGAR | Company Filings (Links to an external site.) Search for the corporation you are researching, by name or stock symbol. Click on the company name. On the right side of the screen, click on ″10-K (annual reports) and 10-Q (quarterly reports)″ Click on ″View all 10-Ks and 10-Qs″ Click on each of the last four 10-K annual statements. Within each one, you will find the financial statements for that year. Sometimes the companies have consolidated statements that incorporate the results of their subsidiaries, which is fine if you are analyzing the parent company and want to include all of that information in your analysis. I I attached more instructions with a template than can be used

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