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May 22, 2023
Individually, you are required to conduct a marketing audit of an organisation’s macro and micro environment that the workshop facilitator will assign to you during the week 2 class.
In doing so, you must critically analyse how the internal and external environment aanalysis affects strategic marketing decisions.
Assessment DescriptionThis assessment aims to assess students’ ability to explain the fundamental principles of strategic mmarketing and to articulate a capacity to analyse the internal and external environments affecting strategic marketing decisions.Assessment InstructionsBased on your assigned organisation, provide an audit of the internal and external environmental factors affecting the strategic marketing of your brand. Please note that if you choose any other brand than the one provided by your workshop facilitator, your submission will receive a grade of zero marks.Your submission should follow the following format:- An introduction of your brand, including name, brief organisation history, location, and brief understanding of target audience (100 words).- Micro (internal) environment analysis, i.e., SWOT analysis including mission and vision statements. Please ensure your SWOT analysis outcomes are aligned with the mission and vision statements.- Macro (external) environment, i.e., PESTLE analysis, including market size and share.- Propose three (3) strategic marketing recommendations for your brand based on your analysis

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