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May 03, 2023

Purposes for this Final Project
Analyze two works of art from the same location and time period, gaining greater understanding for culture.
Apply skills learned from earlier essays – visual observation skills, interpretive methods and research skills – culminating in this final project.
Use critical thinking skills to analyze, reflect and interpret based on evidence.
Your Final Project will explore a culture through the lens of two works of art from the same location and the same general time period and/or the same century. Choose Art from Annenberg Learner, the MET Collection and/or Smarthistory. Describe the visual and physical aspects of the work of art and the meaning it holds for you. Use research to connect the work of art to the culture in which it was made. Reflect on the similarities and differences. Explore the ideas of Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism as they may pertain to the works of art. Finish the project by reflecting on your own views about the way you experience culture.
Basic Preparation
Choose Two (2) Works of Art from the same location and time period – You may include sculpture, 2-dimensional art and design, architecture, etc. Do not choose work from either of your previous art analysis papers.
Your art MUST come from one or more of the websites listed below.:

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