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Nov 07, 2023

Homework: Adolescent Psychology- Communication Project


The purpose of this homework is for you to begin thinking about and preparing for your upcoming Communication Project: Homework. Considering these details ahead of time will help you to finish your project in a timely manner. This homework is meant to be flexible with regards to your choice of interests and format so that the work is meaningful to you and plays to your creative/professional strengths. You will also gain experience searching for, evaluating, and interpreting academic material. Before completing this homework, thoroughly read the Communication Project: Homework Instructions so you know the guidelines for the project and what will be expected of you (essentially, you will be creatively communicating course content to a hypothetical layperson audience).


For this homework you will decide on your topic and find references for your upcoming Communication Project: Homework. You must submit the following pieces of information for approval:

A. Your topic choice - your topic can be one that is covered in any module (even future ones) in the course.

B. Intended layperson audience - examples include adolescents, parents, teachers, etc.

C. Intended format of project - examples include PowerPoint presentation, website, pamphlet, YouTube video/PSA, etc.

1. Remember that you will be creating this project, not just proposing the idea, so be sure that you submit an idea you can execute.

2. Feel free to get creative here. Your format does not have to be one of those listed above. If you have a different idea, feel free to include it and your instructor will let you know if there are any foreseeable issues.

D. References and research points

1. You must include APA-style references for 2 sources:

a. One source must be a course reading.

b. One source must be an outside academic source not included in module readings (academic books or peer-reviewed articles only) that has been published within the last seven years. Articles from newspapers, magazines, and websites will not count. Also, information from unpublished work contained in dissertation or thesis databases may not be used.

2. Below each reference, you must include at least one relevant research point that you obtained from that source and can be used in your project. Research points must be paraphrased into your own words. Direct quotes are not permitted.

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