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Mar 31, 2023

Assessment Code :- APDP
Word Count :- 3000 words
Module: Developing People in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Module: Implementing Change in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
This assessment tests the learning outcomes and module content of:
Task :-You have been asked to lead the project team to implement a new category management strategy. Prepare a report that demonstrates how you would approach the change, ensuring that you and your team have the appropriate skills to successfully implement it.
APDP Advanced Practitioner Corporate Award Assignment 4 – UK.

Guidance for candidates :-
Your work should consist of 3,000 words. Your assignment should include the assignment title, your candidate number and word count on the front cover, followed by contents page, executive summary,
conclusions, recommendations, references and a bibliography. Any source materials such as web sites,
company reports, indices, market data, articles, journals or texts should be listed in your references or bibliography in accordance with a recognised referencing system. Your assignment submission should be word processed with a minimum font size 12pt and 1.5 or double line spacing. Refer to the Assignment Guidance document for more information.

1.This assignment enables you to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding you have gained within the programme, together with your ability to research, analyse and problem solve a range of different procurement and supply related situations and challenges.

2.You are advised to read carefully the complete Assignment Guidance available from the My Learning section on the LMS (Learning Management System) before commencing your submission.

3.You are expected to approach your assignment from a procurement and supply context using the module content as the basis of your submission.

APDP Advanced Practitioner Corporate Award Assignme

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