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May 20, 2024

Assignment Task


  1. There is a section in API 610 discussing the requirement for lateral analysis of pump rotors.

    a) What does this analysis entail?

    b) Why is this analysis necessary?

    c) Can the decision process for this analysis be improved? Provide insights based on at least two articles, preferably peer-reviewed.

  2. A centrifugal gas compression package is slated for use in an offshore gas processing plant, raising pressure from 17 bar to 66 bar.

    a) Describe the main components of a centrifugal gas compressor, outlining their functions.

    b) Detail the auxiliaries required for gas compressors, including the sealing system, lubrication system, cooling system, and driver.

    c) Identify the minimum required systems for ensuring safety and control of this package.

  3. A diesel engine (1800 rpm, efficiency: 30%) is designated as the driver for a high-capacity and pressure-reciprocating pump. The pump has a capacity of 350 m3/hr and a maximum pressure of 120 bar, operating at 200 rpm.

    a) Propose two different power transmission methods for this package.

    b) Explain the technical details and specifications of each method briefly.

    c) Discuss the pros and cons of these transmission methods.

  4. Prepare a report on four different types of seal plans recommended by API 682 for centrifugal pump packages in the oil and gas industry. In your report, address the following:

    a) Components of the sealing system and their required engineering inputs/limitations.

    b) Provide a brief review of their operation.

    c) Outline the pros and cons of each seal plan.

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