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Oct 21, 2021
  • Area description

    Describe the area in which your mentoring program will run and why it needs to have one.

    Management Structures

    Describe the management structures you would have to negotiate to get a mentoring program up and running in your selected area and how you would get staff to support it.

    Potential benefits

    Describe the benefits that an effective mentoring program could bring to this area.

    Purpose and objectives

    Define the mentoring programs purpose and objectives

    Modes and methods

    Describe the programs modes and methods


    Describe the programs expected outcomes.

    Management structure and support requirements

    Define the mentoring programs management structure and wider support requirements


    Determine what resources will be required to run the mentoring program


    Determine how the mentoring programs outcomes will be reported and stored, including what resources will be required to complete the report

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