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May 30, 2023
Student Learning Outcomes for Major Essay
You should’ve be able to argue a point and support it (in writing) using extensive evidence from outside sources, evaluate arguments and rhetorical strategies for effectiveness, and detect any logical fallacies.
Source Requirement: minimum of 4 scholarly sources + 4 non-scholarly sources (8 total)
Length Requirement: 5 FULL pages (without Works Cited pages)
ME3 PROMPT: Argue whether or not the presidential election process in the United States is “fair.”
Write an essay using your own opinions, analysis techniques, and the knowledge you now have a result of doing research.
Argument Essay Resources:
Argumentative Essays: Writing Argumentative Essays (
Argument Analysis(
Argumentative Essays(
Argumentative Essays: MLA Sample Argumentative Papers(
All outside sources must be credited with in-text citations and Works Cited page, which will not count toward the length requirement.
Write a well-developed essay (at least 5 pages) that responds to the above option AND takes into consideration all “sides” of the topic.
Source Requirement: 4 scholarly sources; 4 non-scholarly sources
Traditional Structure: Write an introduction that includes a thesis that establishes the main idea and provides a focus for this essay. Remember, your thesis needs to contain an opinion and respond to the question(s) of the prompt entirely. The thesis sentence should establish your point in the whole essay.
Develop the details and specifics of your point in the paragraphs that follow. Use several examples from our texts, class discussions, research, and/or real life to prove to readers why you have your opinion. Be sure to address important social justice issues related to the main one you focus on! Organize your support and use transitions to guide your reader.
Write a conclusion that offers the reader a sense of closure or expanded thought about your views on your topic.
I will not accept work that is under the length requirement! Half a page is not a full page. Three-quarters of a page is not a full page. A full page is a full page.

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