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Apr 03, 2023

Instructions to Students: Answer ALL of the questions.


Calculators are not permitted.

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Assignment: AS1055 Applications of Information Technology-City, University of London.

Question 1

A small study is carried out to measure the long-term effects of altitude change on human blood pressure. As part of this study, anthropologists measure the blood pressure of a small group of male participants who have permanently migrated from high altitude regions to substantially lower climes. In addition, the measurements included other vital statistics such as age, weight and height.

The “AS1055 AIT – JAN 2018 – EX Q1.mpj” Minitab project contains the data collected as part of this study. Thus, the columns of the given “Question1.mtw” worksheet represent the following:

Age                Age of the participant at the last birthday in whole years

Years            Number of years since migration

Weight         Weight of the participant in kilograms

Height          Height of the participant in millimetres

Systol           Systolic blood pressure of the participant

Diastol         Diastolic blood pressure of the participant

Carry out in Minitab alone the following statistical analysis:

  1. Express the length of stay in a lower climate in the form of a new categorical

Variable calculated from the years variable , based on the following logical conditions

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