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Mar 30, 2023

Unit title & code : ASS110-2 Research 1: Collecting Data
Assignment number and title : One – A plan for primary data collection
Assignment type : PJ-PRO
Weighting of assignment : 100%
Size or length of assessment : 2,000 words
Unit learning outcomes : 1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding:
Recognise and understand the different methods of collecting data in quantitative and qualitative research approaches; the basis of selecting methods of data collection and understand the ethics underpinning the collection of data.
2.Demonstrate the following skills and abilities:
Able to choose a method of collecting data that is appropriate to answer a research question.The ability to identify to ethical principles that underpin the respective methods of data collection chosen.
ASS110-2 Collecting Data Research 1 Assignment- UK.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
Assessment 1 is a 2000 word primary data collection plan.You are expected to choose one of the five broad topic areas
provided, specify a social group, develop a specific research question for primary research relating to the chosen topic area, discuss the methods of data collection and ethics, and create a topic guide, a discussion guide or a questionnaire (depending on your choice of research methods).

The five topics areas are as follows (you must choose one and link the topic to a social group of your choice):
1.Social media
3.Care (including health care, social care, formal care, informal care)
4.Mental health
5.Crime and Justice

Students must include the following sections in their data collection plan:
• Research question,background and rationale a research question relating to the chosen topic area and a specific social group, background and rationale
• Method of data collection and ethics – you must choose one of three methods as your method of data collection:
semi-structured interviews, focus groups or a survey. You must discuss in detail your research approaches, the method you chose, the rationale for choosing the method, sampling strategy and ethics
• Data collection tools – a comprehensive topic guide (an interview guide) OR a focus group discussion guide OR a survey questionnaire depending on your chosen method

i.You must use a minimum of 6 academic sources (ONLY peer-reviewed journal articles and academic books count).You must use academic sources for both the background and rationale section and the methods and ethics section.For the methods and ethics section, it is recommended that you use at least two books on social research methods.

ii.Choosing a topic area does not mean that you have to include the topic itself in your question.For example, if you
choose mental health,you do not have to include the term ‘mental health’ itself in your question.You can choose to look at one aspect of mental health or a specific mental health condition, such as depression. As long as your question
is related to mental health and feasible, you can use the question.

iii.You are expected to develop a specific research question. You would have to specify a social group and you may also
have to add an extra variable related to your topic area in order to do this. For instance, if your topic area is social media,your question can be ‘To what extent does the use of social media affect young people’s self-esteem?’.As you
can see from this question, there is a need to specify a social group (young people) and add another variable (self-
esteem) to narrow down the scope and develop a feasible research question.

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