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Apr 05, 2023

Unit title & Code :- SASS Change Maker Research Dissertation – ASS142-3
Assignment number and title :- One – A Research Proposal for your dissertation (including ethics application)
Assignment type :- CW-Ess
Weighting of assignment :- 30%
Size or length of assessment :- 2000 words
ASS142-3 SASS Change Maker Research Dissertation Assignment

Unit learning outcomes :-
1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and under standing:
How to conduct a sustained piece of individual research which, encompasses a critical under standing and appreciation of the processes required to ensure social research is conducted within an ethically appropriate framework

2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities:
Synthesise evaluate and defend the findings of your research and communicate the results in a focused logically organised appropriately concluded format and referenced according to the format and standard of the Harvard system.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
You must write a 2000 word (+/-10%) research proposal setting out the research project you plan to undertake which you will then write up in the form of your dissertation assignment two. Your research proposal needs to help whoever is reading it to under stand why your research question is important and how you will go about identifying collecting evidence which once analysed should enable you to answer your research question. Your research proposal should include:

 An introduction to your topic and the relevant background context policy data existing research evidence and theory
 Your research question – it should be clear from your back ground context why this is an important research question. It can be helpful to develop a research question with aim(s) and objectives for the project. Your aim(s) will be where you intend to get to once you have completed the research project this is likely to be that you have been able to answer your research question and write up your dissertation. Your objectives will be the steps or smaller pieces of work along the way to this destination
 Your research methods – setting out how you will identify/collect the evidence for your project – it is important to be specific about search terms you will use, databases you will search, and how you will select your sources in a structured and robust way. It is also important to set out how you will analyse your sources this is about how you will process the data you have identified/collected so as to be able to present findings and answer your research question
 A discussion of the relevant ethical considerations which relate to your research project – this will be longer for any students completing primary research although primary research is only an option for those who have attended the summer work shops and gained ethical approval before the new academic year)
 A conclusion where you set out your expected outcomes – this is an opportunity to make your proposal coherent to reconnect to your research question explaining how what you have proposed will enable you to answer your research question

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the parameters of a suitable research question in order to produce a focussed research proposal identifying set aims and objectives proposed methodology and relevant ethical considerations.

Evidence the ability to design a research study which is robust realistic and relevant to the course of study in line with the principles of ethical conduct of social research and the requirements of an honours research dissertation.

For those doing primary research: Submit an ethics application identifying all relevant considerations for the safe conduct of the study together with a timeline including supervisory arrangements

For those doing secondary research: Submit an secondary research ethics application alongside a plan for the literature review/research to be under taken together with a time line including supervisory arrangements

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
This section is to be left blank and completed by the students in an in-class Assessment Dialogue. The assessment brief is discussed during an in-class session with students explaining the assessment the rubric and marking criteria.

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