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Jun 03, 2023
The purpose of this assignment is to assess your knowledge of mental health disorders. Begin by reviewing this set of patient case studies ( case studies linked below). Once you have reviewed all of the cases, choose one disorder to discuss further.
Write a two–to-three-page paper. In your paper, include:
The etiology (ies) of the disorder
The pathophysiology of the disorder
Neurotransmitters and their possible role(s) in the pathophysiologic processes
Findings on neuroimaging for the disorder
Three or more applicable scholarly references


Case Study 1- Case of Chyna Lee: Unipolar Major Depression
Patient Information
Chyanne Lee visits the clinic today complaining of several symptoms: she reports a loss of appetite, and inability to concentrate, and says she cannot shake this feeling of impending doom.
When you ask how long she has been feeling this way, Chyanne replies that she has felt this way for a while.

Case Study 2-Jared Tenny: Bipolar Depression
Patient Information
When Jared arrives for his appointment at the clinic, you immediately notice that his speech is pressured as he speaks quickly, jumping from one topic to the next. Jared reports he was diagnosed with depression a few months ago and tells you they have prescribed him an SSRI. He complains that he has not been able to sleep for the past 7 days.
Jared is a 20-year-old white male living alone. He is single and has never been married.

Case Study 3- Grace Simpson-Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Patient Information
Mrs. Simpson, a 40-year-old black female, arrives at the clinic today presenting symptoms of ongoing, daily, insomnia.
She has been happily married for 17 years and is the mother of two teenage boys. She reports she has been feeling irritated for the past few months but does not understand why.

Case Study 4- Tim JOhnson: Obssessive Compulsive Disorder
Mrs. Johnson, Tim’s mother, arrives at the clinic with concerns about her son.
She reports that Tim, her 11-year-old son, has recently begun experiencing issues with school and his home life. He used to be an A+ student, but recently his grades have plummeted and he has been presenting uncharacteristic behavior. Mrs. Johnson reports that he will only leave his room to use the restroom and that he claims he must shower if he touches anything outside of his room or if anyone touches him.

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