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Oct 21, 2021
    1. Learning Outcomes

      critically analyze the concept of healthy ageing and its promotion at an individual and community level; understand experiences of ageing and how these are impacted by biopsychosocial, spiritual and cultural factors.

      Referencing and Presentation

      APA 7th Edition must be used for formatting of the submitted document, all in text citations and the reference list. The number of references is determined by your breadth of reading. In text citations are required for everything not your own original thought.

      The rubric details what is required in your introduction, body, and conclusion. The body of the essay will follow a logical sequence with 3 headings to address each of the rubric criteria in order. Structure of the essay is introduction, followed by headings and content for section 1, 2 and 3 followed by a conclusion. Refer to the rubric in appendix 2 for details of what markers will be looking for in your essay. The word limit is strictly of 1000+/- 10%. Words above the maximum will not be graded.

      The Final Report:

      Recommendations published by the Royal Commission into Aged Care (2021) contains Key Principles underscoring a new Aged Care Act due to replace the current 1997 Act in July 2023.

      One key principle is older people should be supported to exercise choice about their own lives and make decisions to the fullest extent possible, including being able to take risks and be involved in the planning and delivery of their care (Aged Care Royal Commission (2021) Final Report: Recommendations, March 1st, 2021, p207)

      Using the context provided in the statement above, critically analyse your role as a registered nurse in empowering the older adult.

      Topic: you must include each of the following 3 sections under section headings

      . Section 1 Why the key principle noted above is important for healthy ageing.

       Section 2 How the Aged Care Quality Standards, in particular Standards 1 and 2 support the key principle =

       Section 3 Analysis of your role as nurse examples of how you will incorporate ACQ Standards 1 and 2 into your care of older people to realize the key principle mentioned above. You may consider older people residing in the community or in supported accommodation.

       It is essential you support your discussion with relevant research.

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