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  1. 1. Aim

    The assignment aims to develop the ability to analyse, evaluate, research plan and manage a major building project through individual and group participation (ideally 4-6 people).Refer to vUWS for the DA plans and elevations of the proposed project which are numbered A-01 to A-04 inclusively. Please note that this development should be treated as fictitious and it is described purely for the purpose of the 300707 Building 2 major assignment in 2018. Do not contact Albury City Council as there are no records or documentation of this project available through the council. You will find the necessary resources to complete the proposed project in the assignment resources folder on vUWS.

    2. Type of Development
    An irregular parcel of land in Albury, NSW is to be developed for retail showrooms and warehousing. This type of development is commonly used for bulky-goods sales. You are to act as an advisor to the Client for which you will be paid a fee. Your aim is to help this client optimise the potential for a successful development. In this regard you are looking at the key aspects of Time, Cost, Quality, Safety and the Risks involved in planning and constructing the project. You will not be involved in the leasing and/or on-sale of the project which, of course, ultimately determines overall profitability. This will be dealt with at a later stage in your course.

    You can assume all existing buildings have been demolished and the land grubbed and levelled awaiting excavation for your development. Surrounding streets and businesses need to operate unimpeded throughout the construction of this building. Protection and construction logistics will need to be considered in this regard. Assume that your main access for deliveries will be via the two street frontages and the terrace frontage. Construction zone(s) may or may not be necessary depending on how you plan to take delivery of materials. Be aware that permission is granted by Local Council and there is a cost implication depending on extent and lengt h of time in operation. However, you do not need to allow for Council approval time as the Construction Certificate (CC) has been issued and the tender has been awarded.

    We do not know who will be occupying the building as it is a speculative development. Consequently, interior fit-out, ceilings, floor finishes, services etc., will be basic in nature and confined to the office areas only. Externally, we need to present a good standard. Car parking and landscaping are necessary. Assume that corporate image (signage, colours etc.) will be added when tenants are known which, we envisage, will be well after your involvement in this project has finished. The image below demostrates the extent of the construction works and the footprint of the proposed project.

    3. Objectives
    Students are required to work in groups of a maximum of 6 (ideally 4-6) people or less on the abovementioned project under the direction of a group member who will play the role of the group leader/manager. Regardless of group sizes, all portions of the assignment must be submitted in the final report. We are expecting a professionally researched and presented written report and verbal presentation which would be suitable for submission to a real-life client. Some sections or parts of the assignment are unclear and you will need to make some assumptions especially where the drawings are unclear of the actual requirements. The assignment consists of three components which are listed and explained in detail below:
    1. Part A  Progress report
    2. Part B  Professional report
    3. Part C  Visual and oral presentation

    Progress Report
    The progress report is approximately 1000 words excluding references. Students are required to analyse the proposed construction and provide recommendations with the following information in a brief progress report:
     List of group members names, roles, responsibilities and task allocation (stating clearly the group leader/manager)
     Suitable budget or costing (Rawlinsons construction cost guide)
     Preliminary timeline/schedule of project (MS Project/ MS Excel or MS Word Table)
     Recommended project delivery method (project procurement  Australian Standards Contracts)
     Draft specifications (Building A, B and 1 fit out trade)
     Proposed block model construction (materials and methods)

    Primary Tasks:
     Civil works (your group will determine what needs to be undertaken to the existing contours)
     Foundations and footing systems, including detail as to why the system was chosen
     Wall systems
     Roofing systems
     Suspended floor systems and stairs

    Secondary Tasks:
     Time schedule
     Project delivery/Contract
     Block Model
    Please refer to the Professional Report Template on vUWS for detailed instructions on the layout and formatting of the final report.

    4. Visual and oral Presentation

    Students will present Part B of the assignment as a 5-minute PowerPoint (PPT) presentation with a 5-minute question and answer session with your tutor and your peers. Therefore, you will be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes which includes changeover time and time for setting up your screen etc. You will need to bring the final PPT presentation on a USB Drive and leave a copy of your presentation on the desktop of the computer provided to you. Please ensure that your presentation is formatted for a PC/ Windows based operating system to avoid delays. A few tips to make your presentation more effective:
     Practice at least once with your group members a day or two prior to your presentation
     Slides should be professionally presented and checked for spelling or grammatical errors
     All slides should be consistent with headings, neutral backgrounds and text clearly visible
     Include sources of images and references where appropriate
     Lessons learned throughout the semester
     Make it fun and include as many pictures of your proposal including the block model as possible

    5. Group Registration

    Students are required to register their groups on vUWS under the Groups folder found on left hand side of the home page of vUWS. Please do not join a group without first consulting with the other members of the group. This is not fair to the existing group members and you will be removed from that group if you did not obtain permission or consult with members beforehand. In addition, all mem bers of the group are expected to contribute towards group activities through regular communication. There are a number of tools available through the online groups page for communication such as email, general discussion within group and file sharing etc. Furthermore, groups are encouraged to meet at once weekly, communicate regularly and the group leader/manager member should keep a record of

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