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Aug 09, 2023

At its core, industrial engineering focuses on scientifically measuring and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, methodologies and procedures..  The scope of industrial engineering spans widely across manufacturing and service industry sectors.  In particular, industrial engineering has direct application wherever improvements can be made regarding cost, quality, delivery, safety, environmental sustainability and other related factors.

The primary educational objective of this program is that learners will gain the required knowledge, skills, and competencies in industrial engineering to support and sustain their related careers.  Specifically, it is proposed that students will: gain the definitive knowledge, practical skills, and techniques of the contemporary industrial engineer; be capable of operating effectively and professionally in managing industrial engineering projects; recognise and exploit the scope of their roles within the organisation to effect improvements; and be able to scientifically analyse, design and implement work-based processes that deliver organisational benefits, for example in respect of waste reduction; production efficiencies and increased reliability.

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