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May 01, 2023



The life events and experiences of an individual shape and influence the decisions and outcomes. While the influences can be positive and negative for an individual, it is necessary for the individual to acknowledge the importance and values that has been created by these experiences. According to Tomlinson et al. (2018), the change caused by the different experiences of an individual impact the decisions as well as the course of life through the identification of different factors and institutions that contribute to the development of individual capacity. It is also necessary to note in this regard that the contribution of social, ethical, cultural and other backgrounds of an individual also had significant impact on the journey of the individual as well as for contextual understanding of the decisions that are being made. The life story also exhibits the progress that has been made by the individual and provides a synergic reflection for the different life events. The influence of the external factors that are beyond the control of the individual also aids in the development of the values, principles and ethics of an individual (Hoffmaster & Hooker, 2009). The personal perspectives of the individual are facilitated through the development and exploration of the life story as well as present the account of the individual as enumerated through the cultural social context of the public and private life experiences. The test of the perceptions of the individuals in similar circumstances are noted through the development of the nuanced approach of the life story as well as contribute to the development of theories and research design due to the development of awareness about the personal biases and issues that were previously held for granted.

This life story report would consider the life events of Shruti who has migrated from India to Australia in search of better career prospects and opportunities. It would critically appraise the different incidents of her life to showcase development of her character and attitudes as well as the global outlook. It would help to conclusively develop the inferential arguments to showcase the causal relationship of the strengths, validity of the experiences and others in order to present the journey of her life as an abstract of moral and ethical principles. The researcher would also utilize theoretical background such as feminist theory and multicultural theory in order to develop the life story and explain the contextual cultural and social relationship between the experiences and developed characteristics features (L4 Item 1).


Shruti is Indian by birth and have migrated to Australia on work visa for better opportunities. She has also worked as a marketing intern in a publishing house while also working in a supermarket to make ends meet. After a few years, she has now gained permanent residency in Australia and also got a full-time job as a digital media analyst at Deakin University. She also faced different challenges and problems while migrating to Australia from India due to the initial lack of parental support or figuring out the best approach that she can use to migrate. The culture of Australia is different from that of India which also caused a problem for Shruti when she started to work in the country as she had to adapt to the new environment and cultural traditions of the society (L9 Item 1). They were also part time jobs and unpaid internships which was undertaken by Sruthi in order to survive and learn different tricks of the trade before she got a full-time paid position. The Covid-19 pandemic has also been very hard for her as she was unable to travel to meet her parents in India. It has also caused loneliness, stress and anxiety to be developed within her.

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