B8AF100: International Flowers Ltd (IFL) Is A Large, Multinational Flower & Perfume Company And It Started A New Division In A Rural Area: Performance Management Assignment, DBS, Ireland

International Flowers Ltd (IFL) is a large, multinational flower & perfume company. It started a new division in a rural area outside a major city in 2020. This was very good news for the area, as at the time, a number of other unrelated factories had closed in the area and unemployment was above the national average. The plant employs 2,000 people and it has a shift pattern to allow it to operate from 6.00 am until 11.30 pm Monday to Saturday.

It chose this location as it is close to the various wildflowers that IFL currently uses in production. At the time there was some opposition to a large factory set up in a delicate natural environment, but the promise of so many new jobs meant that the local feeling was mostly positive to the factory.

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