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Apr 03, 2023

Subject Code & Title : BA3020QA Using And Managing Data And Information
Note to students:
There are FIVE tasks and you are expected to complete all of them.You are required to transfer the work of all tasks on to a single word-processed MS Word file and upload it on Turnitin, which is the submission of this assignment. The deadline for this assignment is.
BA3020QA Using And Managing Data And Information Assignment 3 – London Metropolitan University UK.

Task 1:
A supermarket manager wanted to investigate the profile of shoppers resistant to the use of self-checkout counters available at the store he manages and to find out the reasons behind their resistance. He asks three of his staff to
conduct a survey among customers using the store in Sheffield Hallam area during a quiet working day in October of 2019 as they exited the store.

The short questionnaire used for the survey as well as the data collected can be found on an Excel file named “SCC”. There are two worksheets, one for the questionnaire used and the other worksheet for the raw data collected from the customers. The data worksheet has 18 columns. Column A “Customer” is simply a column to identify the customer surveyed – Customer 1, Customer 2 etc… Each of the other 17 columns refer to a question – Column B refers to the gender question, Column C refers to the age question etc…

The manager has employed you as data analyst to conduct this investigation. Your analysis should use the statistical facilities on Excel as required below.

1.Label (show 5 rows) the codes for the categories of the following variables:
• Gender
• Age
• Education
• Are you a regular user of self-checkout

2.Produce frequency and percentage frequency tables (using Pivot tables) for each of the following variables:
• Gender
• Education
• Age
• SCC user
• Spending (£) For this last quantitative variable, the categories should be as follows:

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