BAAFH 3: Critically Assess And Discuss The Impact Of The Economic Environment: Corporate Finance Assignment, GCD, Ireland

Learning Outcomes addressed and assessed in this Assignment:

  • Critically assess and discuss the impact of the economic environment on financial management.
  • Discuss and apply principles of business and asset valuations and analyse the key strategic financial issues to be considered in an acquisition or merger.
  • Evaluate complex investment appraisal situations and identify and evaluate the exposure of a company to financial risk and the techniques required to manage this risk.

Question 1

Discuss what is meant by “agency theory” and evaluate two strategies which could be used to resolve conflicts that arise under agency theory.

Question 2

Buying and selling a business can be a very risky step to undertake, with over half of all transactions failing. Carrying out proper due diligence is the most effective way to reduce that risk and to improve your chances of a successful transaction.

Detail four specific matters to be included within a due diligence report and comment on their possible impact on the valuation of the company being acquired.

Question 3

Using real life examples, critically evaluate the reasons behind why companies merge/acquire.

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