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Jun 03, 2023
Background Information: Occupation Critical Care ICU Registered Nurse. Travel nurse who worked throughout pandemic. Now clinical education specialist for a medical device company in Patient Monitoring and Life Support Devision.


Course Textbook
Title: Entrepreneurship Author: Heidi M. Neck, Christopher P. Neck, and Emma L. Murray ISBN: 9781544354620 Publisher: Sage Publications Publication Date: December 1, 2019

Three years after the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, hospital and healthcare leaders continue to be faced with significant challenges in providing care in a manner that is safe, quality, equitable, and cost effective. Some of these challenges are unprecedented and some have been with us for ages. Wolters Kluwer describes some in this article:

Using the coursework/materials thus far, your past experiences, and articles such as the one cited here, your assignment is to identify a health care problem you have encountered or are concerned with. Using that problem, brain storm a possible innovative solution to the problem.

Your paper should be around 2-3 pages, double spaced, no larger than size 12 font and in proper APA format (including citations/references). Reference list is not included in the 2-3 pages. Attach your paper to the submission below.

Your paper should include the following:
Introduction- introduce yourself and your background in healthcare. If you are new to healthcare, describe your interesting the field and your plans post- graduation
Problem assessment- identify a problem you have experienced thus far in your healthcare career OR choose a problem within the healthcare sector that is concerning to you
Describe the problem and the history of the problem
Explain any potential solutions that have been attempted in the past to solve this problem
Project the future impact this problem could pose if left unchecked
Idea generation- brainstorm an innovative solution to your problem as a whole OR a solution to just a component of your problem if it is multi-factorial. (For example, you don’t need to solve the Medicaid crisis, but maybe you create an innovative way to address gaps In Medicaid coverage by creating an app to help patients find local non-profits offering free care).
Conclusion- brief summary of why you chose this idea, how it could help your career or your patients directly, and any other closing statements you wish to provide.
References- refer to your coursework, textbooks, and external sources. Cite any references using proper APA format.

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