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Jun 02, 2023
1. Introduction: How well researched is the topic today?
2. Background: What background information has been presented on this topic? Statistics to support why this is an issue?
3. Purpose Statement: Use your developed PICO to write your purpose statement. You can put it as the closing sentence to your background paragraph.
4. Method of Search used within the Lit. Review. Method of search refers to how you collected your data. “…used CINAHL, EBSCO databases in the search. Used terms…. & ….. . This yielded over 200 articles. The articles were then reviewed and narrowed down to 6 peer reviewed…”
5. Critique (compare/contrast) of Findings/Results determined within each study. Speak to the similarities and differences within the results of each study. All 6 articles MUST be mentioned in this section. You will feel there are a lot of direct quotations and paraphrased statements in this section; this is normal. None of the findings are your own ideas, you will need to cite where you go them from.
6. Critique (compare/ it to contrast) of Clinical Implications/Inter-Professional Perspectives determined within each study. How does this apply to practice? Feel free to discuss your own ideas as well.
7. Discussion:
a. Limitations: Discuss limitations noted by the researchers in the articles and discuss your own
b. Future Research: Based off the limitations, what future research would you expect to be conducted?
8. Conclusion: Summarize paper. Bring closure to the research. Answer the research question.
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