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May 25, 2023
      • Based on Bettelheim and Tatar’s evaluations of the various renditions of “Little Red Riding Hood,” we can see that these stories are not only useful when it comes to psychoanalysis but for cultural and historical analysis as well. While some stories are written solely for the purpose or moral guidance, or to teach a lesson, others can be seen as a reflection of the societies in which they come from. Some of the renditions are simply cautionary tales, while others mainly serve for entertainment purposes. This paper will require you to do two things: touching upon Bettelheim and/or Tattar- write a paper analyzing at least two different renditions of “Little Red Riding Hood;” what are the differences in intentions, scenarios, etc…; what do these differences symbolize? You will then need to do some basic research on the histories and societies from which the stories come from, and analyze how the origins of a story affect the story itself. Compare and contrast the stories, highlighting the analytical values of both. This paper requires you to use at least two external source for research; this source must be credible- it can be a book, website, article, chapter etc… This source does not directly have to pertain to the story itself, as long as you can relate the information to your analysis.
        To reiterate:
        Pick two LRRH stories to compare and contrast. Your means of comparison will be threefold:
        Historical criticism
        For this essay you will need to do research on the histories of the stories- where and when they were written and what was happening to influence the stories, including who the authors are and what happened in their life that could have affected their telling of the story.
        Next you will use the theories of Bruno Bettelheim AND/OR Maria Tatar to offer an analysis of the texts. This should also be done in the form of a comparison.
        Keep in mind that there is no “wrong” interpretation of the text as long as the argument can be backed by logic. For every claim you make, you must use evidence and logical evaluation of the text(s) to support your argument.
        Length: 4-6
        Work Cited page is necessary (not part of the page count, and a missing works cited will result in a 10% deduction)

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