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May 15, 2023
This unit includes a selection of revolutionary poetry written by women from different demographics throughout the second half of the twentieth century. Many of these poems were written by people who were products of or responding to Second Wave Feminism. This wave primarily focused on women being allowed into the workforce and gaining equal respect to men, but Second Wave feminism often conflicted with other social movements of this era, like Civil Rights and Gay Liberation.


Based on what you learned about women’s lives in the second half of the 20th century, explain the connection of Audre Lorde’s poem “POWER” to Second Wave feminism. Using two or more outside sources, research the poet Audre Lorde and explain who she was and how she connected to Second Wave feminism and other revolutionary movements of the twentieth century. What does the poem tell us about the poet’s thoughts on Second Wave feminism and revolutionary thought in the late twentieth century?

***The Poem is the file attached***

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