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May 01, 2023


Description Of The Properties

The ensuing description and analysis present a marketing plan for a commercial and industrial property. The description is informed by the property appraisal, the listing agreement and an analysis of the target market. The current report also details the marketing resources, the roles and responsibilities of different actors in the marketing plan, the underlying activities and performance indicators. Further, it also details the opportunities for enhancing the current market plan and evaluates the efficacy of the marketing activities presented herein. The discussion is based on a Simulated Workplace Scenario.

Commercial Property

Property Appraisal

The property is located at 45 Romawi Road, which is in an excellent location near a major highway that leads to the business district. It consists of five levels, each one with five self-contained flats. There are also three commercial retail units on the premises. The condition of the property is acceptable and satisfactory. The property has a total floor size of approximately 2200 square feet. The property has a "freehold" tenure. The property is notably totally occupied by tenants. It has a market value of $1.9 million considering occupancy and lease agreements. It also has a market worth of $2.5 when complete possession of the vacant property is taken into account. The property is worth $300,000 per year in rental income. In addition, the property`s insurance costs are $12500. The property`s advantages include its proximity to a major by-pass leading to the city center, which makes it a suitable retail site. The property has no significant flaws that would jeopardize its status as a commercial retail and rental property. Environmental rules are putting the property in jeopardy. Political difficulties have put the property in jeopardy. It is specifically positioned in an area that has been known to be targeted by protestors of various movements. The biggest source of concern is the property`s management, which is quite complicated.

Property Listing Agreement

The property listing agreements of the latter property indicate the express permission of the owner allowing the real estate agent to facilitate the transactions pertaining to the property. Specifically, the commercial property has been listed for lease, thus, the goal of the real estate agent is to identify a prospective client willing to lease the property based on standard lease agreements.

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