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May 26, 2023
  • You are required to produce a comparison study for at least 2 data structures/ algorithm by creating a Java console application using modern tools/software. The project should have the following criteria:

    1) have a local database (.txt) that can handle a large collection of data.

    2) Two (2) versions of the same application should be created using 2 different data Structures/algorithm

    3) data structure/algorithm must be created from scratch

    4) Proper comparison, discussion, and analysis should be included in the final report.

     Step  1: Choose your own application and topic.

    Step 2: You are required to produce a preliminary proposal which includes the following q

    • Introduction and background
    • Objectives
    • Scope
    • Proposed Design and
    • Flow

    Step 3: Produce the application, compile the code, and include the result, discussion, and algorithm analysis in a report form.

    Eg: Assume that you are creating a student record system.

    Create a console application that is connected to a local database to do the following functions.

    • Adding new record
    • Deleting record
    • Read all the records from the database
    • Searching records by using StudentID
    • Sort Data by TotalScore
    • Exit the

    Create a second version of the same application that applies a similar method but with a DIFFERENT data structure/algorithms. Analyze the code, record the result, and determine which data structure/algorithm that suitable to be used in your particular application.

    Step 4: Presentation: All the group members are required to demo/present your system

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