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May 01, 2023



This paper shed light on the effectivenes of stem cell therapies in the future of restorative therapy and regenerative medicine. It examines the scientific and biological techniques of stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine. It evaluates the effectiveness of stem cell therapy to recover damaged cells. Stem cell therapy is an advanced treatment method in present times. The study on human embryonic stem cells is politically and ethically controversial as it engages in the destruction of the embryos of humans. In simple words, stem cells are the integrated form of advanced technology and biological engineering, which brings a revolution in the medical industry. In these circumstances, the application of stem cells in regenerative medicine and restorative therapy with the future aspects is one of the vital topics to cover. It is one of the leading causes of choosing this topic to research. This paper focused on all concepts, including regenerative medicine and restorative therapy, to overview these medical technologies. It gives a broad picture of the advantages and disadvantages of using stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine. It has concluded about the future of regenerative medicine and restorative therapies after using stem cell therapy.

Concept Of Regenerative Medicine 

Regenerative medicine refers to the process of replacement or regeneration of human tissues, cells or organs which were damaged by trauma disease to restore normal function. It is the branch of medicine that improves the procedure of regrowth or repair of damaged tissues, organs or any cell. It involves the use and generation of therapeutic stem cells and the production of artificial cells. Additionally, regenerative medicines mainly apply life science principles and engineering principles for promoting regeneration. It can potentially restore the whole organs and injured tissues. Regenerative medicine has the objective to help the body to form new tissues for replacing the defective ones. Regenerative medicine consists of different strategies involving materials (Mao and Mooney 2015). In simple words, new tissue takes the place of missing tissue and mainly replaces it functionally and structurally. It contributes to the healing of cells and tissues. Regenerative medicine and the engineering of tissue have emerged in recent years. A considerable number of therapies are used in this regenerative medicine. In these therapies, the cells are mainly allogeneic and autologous.

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