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Jan 09, 2024

Assignment Task


Business research methods are an essential component of the graduate skill set and advances in technology require the graduate to comprehend the design, application, analysis and evaluation of appropriate research methodologies. This assessment will test the students ability to meet the following module learning outcomes which require the student to:

  • Engage in identifying a relevant topic appropriate to the student`s area of study from which a suitable research project can be developed.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to conduct a literature review including searching for, and critically engaging with, the ideas of contributing authors to the particular topic.

  • Critically evaluate and design a range of research methods and appropriate research techniques for the collection and analysis of data using quantitative, qualitative or joint methods in order to address the research aim, question and objectives.

  • Demonstrate transferable skills including time management, project management, listening. negotiation, written communication skills, independent leaming and advanced research skills.


Research objective

Conduct a critical literature review and present a theoretical or conceptual framework to use as the basis for the design of the primary and secondary research methodology. The literature review will be submitted as a draft in the appendix and will be between.


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