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May 01, 2023


Title Of The Research

Effectiveness of Social Media Advertisements and Impact on Consumer Perfection of the Brand

Aim Of Research

AU Vodka, a UK-based vodka company seeks to determine the influence of social media advertising on customer satisfaction and this is the only aim to conduct this study with the implication of relevant methods and ethical considerations in mind.

Objectives Of Research

As a result of the study`s primary purpose, a company`s marketing efforts and product launch plans will be more targeted and more successful. The efficacy of social media advertising and its influence on customer satisfaction will be evaluated. To accomplish this, the following goals are laid down by the researcher:

  • To examine the impact of social media advertising on the purchasing decisions of potential clients.
  • To ascertain the effect of social media advertising on customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing techniques may be improved for greater development and success if new ideas can be found.


In this section, the researcher discusses the numerous approaches that the researcher plans to use. The researcher will be able to concentrate on the methodology, philosophy, and other components of the study. Research technique is one of the most important aspects of a study since it shows how the research will be carried out. Discussing research methods and how a certain research design will be performed in order to successfully achieve the study`s outcomes will be made easier with this (Wang, 2021).  Considering the appropriate use of research methodology, it has been found that the researcher is going to use both primary and secondary method (Mixed Research) to create this project in the form of collecting the information via survey and theoretical aspects from the journal articles and other sources to make this research evident and effective.

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