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Apr 01, 2023

Module code and Title : BM633 Strategic Agility
Assignment No. and type : CW1: Consultants strategic report and recommendations for Oak Tree Inn (case study).
Assessment weighting : 100%
Target feedback time and date: 3 wks
BM633 Strategic Agility Assignment – Buckinghamshire New University UK.

Assignment task :-
You are a recent graduate who has just started work at Mc Kinsey, a consultancy, as a junior business management consultant. Your team leader has assigned you to a client engagement,(consultant speak for ‘a project’), to assist an SME firm in the hospitality and leisure sector based in Scotland to create some strategic options for the firm. Mc Kinsey has already asked the client for some key information in order to assess the situation and this material is being provided to you in the separate notes provided.

The Directors of Oak Tree Inn have engaged you to write a management strategy report that analyses and assess Oak Tree Inn’s business situation taking into consideration internal, external and competitive factors. You are to produce two strategic options for the Directors and management team to consider and select one as your preferred strategy for the firm to adopt. The firm requires you to;

A. Provide a brief overview of the firm and its activities providing pertinent data and information drawn from reputable sources. Areas to consider include competitors, financial data, their values and most pressing issues. It is recommended that you write no more than 450 words in this section.

B. Present a SWOT table as a summary of Oak Tree Inns’ internal and external environment. To do this, external environment models such as PESTEL and Five Forces, should be applied and presented in the appendices. The key issues from these models should be summarised using coding, in the ‘O – Opportunities’ and ‘T – Threats’ section of the SWOT table in the main body of the paper Internal models such as VRIO, BCG, Value Chain, Business Canvas etc should then be applied in the appendices and the key issues from these models should be summarised using coding in
the ‘S – Strengths’ and ‘W – Weaknesses’ section of the SWOT table in the main body of the paper

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