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Aug 24, 2023
  • Dissertation

    Learning outcome 1: Critically review and analyse literature pertaining to the topic area selected for the overall research aim and objectives of the Dissertation

    Learning outcome 2: Critically evaluate the performance of the primary research tool and identify weaknesses in the design, execution and findings produced by the research tool and make recommendations for future research opportunities

    Learning outcome 3: Critically analyse the primary research findings in relation to theories and concepts to arrive at a set of evaluative conclusions and recommendations, where appropriate

    Learning outcome 4: Demonstrate transferable skills including time management, project management, listening, negotiation, written communication skills, independent learning and advanced research skills

    Assignment task: Your task is to conduct an empirical research project during semester two on a topic that relates directly to your chosen degree area and to write a 10,000-12,000-word report, +/-10%, on the research project you have undertaken. The report must include the following elements:


    • Presentation of the problem that you have identified
    • Rationale for conducting the research, who could benefit from it and how
    • Research aim and objectives

    Literature review

    • Explain where your investigation fits in the wider body of literature and perhaps informs a current debate in that literature.
    • Critically evaluate carefully selected concepts, theories and ideas which might be useful for investigating your research topic and taking it forward.
    • Discuss material from a range of relevant academic journal articles, as well as appropriate secondary research.


    • Approach and design
    • Methods used and rationale for these. Presentation of the instruments for data collection
    • Participants and Sampling (for quantitative research)
    • Participants and criteria for selecting the participants (for qualitative research)
    • Ethical considerations - (what ethical issues you have identified and what you did to address them)
    • Validity and reliability (for quantitative research)
    • Credibility and reflexive analysis - (for qualitative research)

    Results (graphs, charts, results of statistical analysis-without interpretation)

    Discussion (interpretation of statistical analysis of the elements presented in Results section)

    Results and discussion (For qualitative research these two sections could merge into one)

    Conclusions and limitations of the research

    References (Using Harvard style)

    -Table of results for quantitative research
    -Transcripts of interviews, interview notes for qualitative research.
    -Ethics checklist accompanied by the relevant supporting documents such as; participantinformation sheet, participant consent form and other relevant evidence.
    -Reflective career skill development summary

    Please reference your work using the Harvard style.

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