BMGT10140: You Must Show That You Have Done The Market Research To Justify The Projections Made In Your Business Plan: Business Plan Assignment, UCD, Ireland

  • Market Analysis

You must show that you have done the market research to justify the projections made in your business plan. It must demonstrate that there is a viable market and that you can beat the competition in the market for sales.

Target Market

  1. Who is your target market(s)? What type of Market Segmentation will your business adapt?
  2. What is the size of each market segment? Assess the growth prospects within each segment?
  3. Characteristics of potential customers/clients in each segment
  • Marketing and Communications Strategy

This section sets out your strategies for reaching your target market, arousing their interest in your product or service, and actually delivering the product or service to them in sales. The points listed below within each sub-section can vary considerably from business to business, please adapt to suit your particular business

Marketing Strategy

  1. Describe concisely your overall marketing strategy for your product/service.
  2. Examine the various levels of your product/service: Examine the Core, actual, and augmented levels of a product/service.
  3. Put forward a Positioning statement. This will outline how you will position your product or service in the market and differentiate it from its competitors?  See class notes on this topic.

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