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Apr 01, 2023

Subject Code & Title :-  BMGT2220 Unlocking Organisational Potential
Assignment 002 :- Scenario Planning & Leadership
Word Limit :- or equivalent 2000 words equivalent
Weighting :- 50%
Learning Outcomes Assessed :-
2. Demonstrate capacity to participate effectively in professional roles
4. Deconstruct diagnose and analyse team performance in organisations
5. Critique organisational activity and embed value oriented ethical sustainable practices using leadership mediums
BMGT2220 Unlocking Organisational Potential Assignment

What do I need to do to make a success of this assignment?
There are 2 parts to this assessment:
Part A – Scenario Planning Diagram
Part B – Leadership Critique

Part A – Scenario Planning :-
What do I need to do to complete this part of the assessment?
Create a scenario planning diagram showing the 4 strategic choices facing your chosen company or industry including what is likely to happen in each scenario and the early warning signs of change.

Scenario planning requires the development of 4 different possible scenarios that could come to life in the future for an organisation or industry. This can help with blue sky thinking and subsequent organisational/industry planning.

The scenarios are linked through the selected axes. Scenarios then develop from these intersections to show possible strategic directions that may become a reality for your chosen company or industry.

Part B – Leadership Critique
What do I need to do to complete this part of the assessment?
Choosing one of the identified scenarios in Part A, critically evaluate the role of
leadership in successfully driving forward this strategic direction for sustainable

In completing this part of the assessment, you should critically analyse the appropriate leadership approach needed in the chosen scenario and identify tensions and challenges that may arise as well as possible measures of success. You should consider the leader member exchange the relationship with the team/followers/wider stake holders plus the impact of this on organisational/industry future sustainability.

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