BMO1102: Management and Organisation Behavior


Essay based upon the comprehensive essay plan submitted for assessment task 2a. This essay is to be a discussion of a specific management topic and to be presented as a review of the relevant literature (the essay requires at least a review of the relevant chapter from the prescribed text and at least three refereed management journal articles relating to the set topic: the use of additional references is also encouraged).


Your essay should include at least three in-text citations of refereed management journal articles you have drawn on, and indicate where you are using your subject textbook. The use of additional references is encouraged.


NOTE: ‘Wikipedia’, ‘’ and other non-peer reviewed online sources of information are not acceptable references.


The Harvard referencing system must be used both for your in-text citations and List of References

Task: Essay Questions

  1. Define organisational change and differentiate between change and innovation in the context of business management. Give an example of both change and innovation in your university and using the definitions in your textbook explain why they are suitable examples by clearly linking them to relevant theory. (Chapter 7)


  2. Define what is meant by “global business”. Identify and briefly describe the basic forms of global business described in your textbook. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of each form. (Chapter 8)


  3. Identify a job that you had, or a job that you know of, that was particularly boring and that had the characteristics of a specialised job. Analyse that job in terms of the five core job characteristics from the job characteristics model (JCM). Make specific recommendations for redesigning it by using three to five of the redesign techniques presented in the model. (Chapter 9)


  4. Keeping people focussed on their work and willing to make a positive contribution to the company is an important role of management. Define motivation and briefly describe expectancy theory. Using expectancy theory, describe what has motivated your academic performance at university. (Chapter 12)


  5. Some people say that many companies are over managed and under led. Define leadership and explain what the path-goal theory of leadership is. Identify the four leadership styles of path-goal theory and explain when they are most appropriately used. (Chapter 13)


  6. What are the steps of the control process? Describe the elements of the control process and explain how this essay assessment task can be seen as part of the control process at your university. (Chapter 15)

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